GPPS Turbomachinery Seminar24

Turbomachinery Seminar 2024

January 15th - 16th, 2024

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for your enthusiastic participation in the seminar held in Zurich, Switzerland. Your presence contributed significantly to the success of the event.

The seminar aimed to provide a comprehensive overview of the working principles of turbomachinery utilized in various industrial applications. Covering gas compressors, gas turbines, and steam turbines, the sessions delved into the intricate details of thermodynamic, aerodynamic, and rotordynamic principles, along with control concepts. The objective was to foster a profound understanding of the constraints and opportunities inherent in these machines, and consequently, their applications.

We explored a wide spectrum of applications, including power generation, gas compression for upstream, midstream, and downstream activities, including LNG. Notably, we delved into applications crucial to carbon reduction efforts, the burgeoning hydrogen economy, and the intricate processes of CO2 capture, transport, and sequestration.


Panel session discussing latest developments in energy and aviation

Once again, thank you for your active participation and engagement during the seminar. Your contributions enriched the discussions, making it a truly collaborative and insightful gathering. We look forward to future opportunities to convene and explore advancements in the dynamic field of turbomachinery.

Following this event we are now bisy preparing for our Turbomachinery Technical Conference hosted in Chania Crete. If you’re interested in joining us in Greece click here for our Chania24 event page:


Introducing the Speakers


Tim Allison Director Machinery Department, Southwest Research Institute®

Tim Allison

Director Machinery Department, Southwest Research Institute®

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Klaus Brun Director, Research & Development at Elliott Group, Ebara Corp

Klaus Brun

Director, Research & Development at Elliott Group, Ebara Corp, USA

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Rainer Kurz panelist at the 2024 Forum in Zurich

Rainer Kurz

Manager, Gas Compressor Engineering,  Solar Turbines Incorporated

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Guest Presenter

Reza Abhari

Reza Abhari

Professor, ETH Zurich, Switzerland


Outline of Topics

– Overview of Machinery

  • Steam Turbines and Expanders
  • Centrifugal and Axial Gas
  • Compressors
  • Gas Turbines

– Thermodynamics for Gas Turbines

– Thermodynamics of Gas Compression

– Aerodynamics for Axial and Centrifugal Turbomachinery

– Rotor dynamics for Turbomachinery

– Aeromechanical Design and Analysis


– Shaft seals

– Control Concepts for Turbomachinery Trains

– Select Applications:

  • LNG
  • Hydrogen
  • CCUS
  • Combined Cycle Power Generation
  • Supercritical CO2 Applications

– Future Outlook

Our location

With team members spread across the globe, the core team is based in Zurich Switzerland.


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