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Turbomachinery Conferences & Events 2023

Turbomachinery Events 2023
Visit our LNG Workshop event pageAs we sit here the power and propulsion industry is changing from day to day, technology, our customer requirements and global restrictions. Our GPPS events in 2023 are designed to bring todays turbomachinery topics to the foreground and allow you to develop your knowledge and personal network within our energy systems and community.

Announcing our first two events of 2023!

LNG Workshop23

February 2023 we start with the LNG Workshop (February 13 – 14) designed for both industry professionals within the LNG Industry and researchers; this training seminar is intended to provide an overview of the techno-economic aspects of turbomachinery used in the LNG lifecycle, from liquefaction to shipping and all the way to gasification. The event will be hosted in Zurich and has already received much interest from our European community, additionally due to our two speakers high standing within this field we’re pleased to confirm many attendees from across the globe.

Event Speakers

The workshop is to be Chaired by Matt Taher (Bechtel Energy) who will also talk about the key elements of the OPEX and CAPEX for liquefaction, shipping, and gasification processes. Additionally, Prof. Reza Abhari (ETH Zurich) will address the topic of geopolitics and economics of LNG. Following the presentations participants have the opportunity to address questions during the Q&A session.

Attendees can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of LNG production, transportation and economic considerations. For more information see our program page including topics and speakers. Our registration is expected to go live soon, if you wish to be notified join our email group on the event page.

Turbomachinery Forum23

Following the LNG Workshop we have our 6th Annual Turbomachinery Forum (February 15 -16). As always we look forward to welcoming an excellent lineup of highly rated professionals. The forum23 will focus on energy supply, security and sustainability given the dynamic environment. Taking place in Zurich, the forum is well connected to Europe and the globe, making it the ideal location to discuss such a important topic.

Whats on the program?

The focus of the forum will be on energy supply availability and security across regions given the dynamic environment, as well as new energy technology and energy storage to address the sustainability of energy supply.

Additionally, green e-fuel will be discussed as a way to connect the aviation and energy worlds, with a focus on hydrogen economy and value chain. Finally, LNG and hydrogen will be addressed in terms of finance of energy transition.

Through these discussions, we hope to shed light on how to achieve availability, affordability, security and sustainability of energy.

Within the context of the Forum we actively encourage direct discussions enabling particpants to play an active role both during and after panel sessions.

If you’re interested in either event visit the LNG Workshop page or Turbomachinery Forum page and signup for notifications, otherwise we would love for you to forward this email to friends or colleagues who you think might be interested! We think its going to be a great event and would love to see you there!

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