TC23 Sponsor: Mapna

TC23 Sponsor: Mapna

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Since establishment, MAPNA Group has been a leading actor in Iran’s industry and economy. Today, MAPNA
Group has evolved into a knowledge-based industrial and economic enterprise that offers a diverse array
of products and services to its customers, and offers solutions for critical infrastructure such as energy,
transportation, and healthcare.

Power is the main business of MAPNA Group. Efficient organizational structure that facilitates management
and execution of power projects, the capability to manufacture main power machinery, access to manufacture
chain, and advanced industrial equipment, has turned MAPNA Group into the largest main equipment
manufacturer and the leading Iranian general contractor of power projects in the West Asia region.
MAPNA is also considered a key player in Iran’s oil & gas industry. MAPNA Group has carried out numerous
projects in both downstream and upstream sectors. It is a manufacturer of strategic equipment, and as an
E&P company, it plays a critical role in developing domestic capabilities in Iran’s energy infrastructure sector.
Rail transportation is another business line followed by MAPNA Group. Relying on advanced world-class
technology and manufacture of products demanded by the national rail fleet, MAPNA Group has been effective
in development of Iran’s rail infrastructure. MAPNA has also assumed a major role in management and execution
of megaprojects which aim to expand Iran’s rail transportation capacity.

MAPNA Group has recently entered the healthcare sector, in an effort to manufacture advanced medical
equipment such as imaging devices, in a joint effort with Iran’s Ministry of Health. The new business is expected
to help decrease imaging expenses for Iranian citizens.

Conducting research projects, transfer of technology and technical knowhow, and establishment of joint
ventures with reputed international companies all serve MAPNA Group’s mission to enhance the quality of
its products and services and meet customer demands. Beyond borders, MAPNA Group has been active in a
vast geography, from North Africa to Southeast Asia, to bring light and prosperity to far and near countries.


New Upgraded MAPNA Gas Turbine
• Increased capacity from 157 MWs to 185 MWs
• New 3D design for compressor blades
• Major redesign of components
• Enhanced cooling and sealing
• 2 percent higher efficiency
• New 3D blades and vanes

MAPNA Drilling Co.
• EPDS Projects Management
• Onshore and Offshore Drilling Operation
• Drilling Engineering and supervisory services
• Technical Drilling Services
Coring | Cementing/ Acidizing | Tubular Running
MDST/ RTTS | Mud Logging | Nitrogen Pumping
Surface Testing | Coiled Tubing | Full Bore DST
Drilling Waste Management | Fishing
• Procurement of equipment, machinery and related
equipment for Onshore and Offshore Drilling projects


Rail Transportation
• Manufacturing of cargo, passenger and shunting locomotives
• EPC of urban rail transportation systems such as Metro,
LRT and Monorail
• EPC of suburban-urban rail transportation systems and
high-speed railway projects
• Manufacturing railway equipment including brake systems
• Electrification of railways
• Fleet maintenance and repair rolling stocks

Operation and Maintenance Services
• Manufacturing ,supply of spare parts
• Power plant services (upgrading, Gas Turbine Life Time
Extension (LTE), RI, MOH, HGPI …)
• Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA)
• Gas Turbine and Steam Turbine maintenance & Erection,
commissioning, operation and Major overhaul
• Reliability & Flexibility increase for startup and loosing
• Inspection, vibration monitoring, balancing and other
field services for rotating machines
• Efficiency increase • Training Services
• Power Output increase


Our location

With team members spread across the globe, the core team is based in Zurich Switzerland.


Landis + Gyr-Strasse 1, 6300 Zug