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GPPS Data Sets

Registered attendees of the GPPS Chania20 virtual technical conference have been the first to receive the geometries and data sets from selected engineering institutes across the globe.

In the public domain, there are very few turbomachinery geometries and accompanying validation data. To combat this shortage, the GPPS Chania20 technical conference featured special sessions dedicated to presenting the geometries and data sets, and their release plan to researchers, and enabling discussion and access to any upcoming test cases.

The strategy of GPPS is to make experimental data readily available to all researchers, and we invite any new research conducted with it to be presented at future GPPS conferences.

The data is intended to be used by the registered attendees (individual, not company use) and must not be further distributed to a third party without the written permission of the data providers. The data will remain the property of the data providers.

Until the data is released publically, the data, including any analysis of the data, can only be included in a publication where the named registrant, who received the data, is an author.

The following data sets have already been confirmed, and will be presented during the event:

ETH Zurich: D-Turbine - 1.5 stage high work axial turbine

Reza Abhari
•    The full three-dimensional blade row geometry of the turbine (nozzle guide vane, rotor, and 2nd stator) will be made available

•    Available data measurements are at inlet to NGV, inlet to rotor, exit of rotor, exit of second stator
   - 2-sensor FRAP unsteady data with a typical resolution of 1500 to 2000 measurements points per passage (time-averaged as well as phase-locked averaged)
   - 4-sensor FRAP unsteady data with a typical resolution of 1500 to 2000 measurements points per passage (time-averaged, phase-locked averaged as well as full unsteady) with various probe diameter sizes (3, 4, 5 mm)
   - FENT unsteady entropy data with a typical resolution of 1500 to 2000 measurements points per passage (time-averaged as well as phase-locked averaged)
   - Typically, at two operating conditions

FRAP probes provide local unsteady measurements of total pressure, static pressure, velocity, total temperature (steady), and various flow angles;
FENT probe provides local unsteady measurements of total pressure and total temperature

TU Darmstadt: TUDa-GLR-OpenStage


Transonic compressor stage geometry
• TU Darmstadt Rotor 1 with StatorOPT, OGV, radial diffusor
• Hub & shroud contour, running tip clearance
Measurement data, exemplary
• Steady state: inlet conditions and 0D, 1D & 2D exit traverses
• Dynamic: unsteady wall pressure at blade tip (steady state & transient operating conditions, e.g. stall inception), unsteady pressure probe at rotor exit


Seoul National University: Transitional Boundary Layers Over Smooth and Transitionally Rough Surfaces Without Pressure Gradient

Topographies of the test surfaces (a) Smooth and (b) Rough
Fig. 1 Topographies of the test surfaces (a) Smooth and (b) Rough.
The data set contains
1)    statistics for smooth and transitionally rough surfaces as well as
2)    unsteady 2-D velocity data

Such data will enable investigators to examine:
1)    boundary layer integral parameters – boundary layer thickness, displacement thickness, momentum thickness, and shape factor;
2)    boundary layer transition - intermittency;
3)    turbulence characteristics - turbulence intensity, Reynolds stress; and
Streamwise turbulence intensity
Fig. 2 Streamwise turbulence intensity contours for (a) Smooth and (b) Rough Surfaces.

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