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GPPS Forum19

Panel 1: Distributed vs. Centralized Energy Supply
With increasing contribution of renewable energy sources to the electrical and thermal power supply, a common assumption in the general public is that the contribution of distributed power conversion must increase. There is a reason to challenge this assumption: Cost pressure on renewables leads to large PV arrays and ever-increasing sizes of wind turbines. For cogeneration power plants, distributed power may mean plants sizes of hundreds of MW. So what are the technical and commercial drivers towards distributed power and is there a solid business case or other reason for society to support the trend from centralized power plants to distributed power?
Chair: → Dr. Arnd Reichert (Siemens)
Panelists: → Marc Grünewald (MAN Energy Solutions), → Dr. Sven-Hendrik Wiers (MAN Energy Solutions), → Cathy Choi (Cummins), → Nicola Marcucci (BakerHughesGE), → Chao Tian (Asia Carbon Energy),  → Masanori Ryu (Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.)

Download Presentation: Chao Tian (Asia Carbon Energy)


Future Aero-Engine Designs Between Fleet Operation, Politics, and Technology
Discussion with the audience after the Keynote
Speaker → Nico Buchholz
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