Seoul National University

Seoul National University

Transitional Boundary Layers Over Smooth and Transitionally Rough Surfaces Without Pressure Gradient

Transonic compressor stage geometry
• TU Darmstadt Rotor 1 with StatorOPT, OGV, radial diffusor
• Hub & shroud contour, running tip clearance

Measurement data, exemplary

• Steady state: inlet conditions and 0D, 1D & 2D exit traverses
• Dynamic: unsteady wall pressure at blade tip (steady state & transient operating conditions, e.g. stall inception), unsteady pressure probe at rotor exit

The data set contains
1)    statistics for smooth and transitionally rough surfaces as well as
2)    unsteady 2-D velocity data

Such data will enable investigators to examine:
1)    boundary layer integral parameters – boundary layer thickness, displacement thickness, momentum thickness, and shape factor;
2)    boundary layer transition – intermittency;
3)    turbulence characteristics – turbulence intensity, Reynolds stress; and more

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