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Welcome To The Global Power and Propulsion Society

International Society for the Analysis and Advancement of Infrastructure and Technology for Power and Propulsion Systems. We strive to improve the efficiency of current systems to provide more energy efficient, cost effective solutions.
The Global Power and Propulsion Society (GPPS) is a volunteer-led international community and forum for rotating machinery professionals in industry and academia. The society's aim is to provide an environment for professionals to meet and exchange results and ideas, with specific focus on power generation and propulsion systems.

Our community has a particular interest in key technologies with application to gas turbines for power generation and aircraft & marine propulsion, steam turbines and wind turbines for energy production, compressors and drive systems for the oil and gas communities, as well as rotating machines for novel cycle applications.

GPPS Chair talks about the future of the society.

A New Way Forward

As  a  not-for-profit  volunteer-led  organization,  GPPS  fosters an equal balance between industry and academia/research institutions.

With its own professional staff, GPPS aims to create an environment that supports the development of basic science and technology for application in industry and society as a whole, while leading the changes in  the  world  around  us.

In  the  coming  months, we  will communicate  a  number  of  new  initiatives  related to our outreach and community building, so please keep tuned in.

Global Power and Propulsion Society (GPPS)


Address :

Industriestrassse 7, 6300 Zug, Switzerland

Tel. :

+41 44 632 50 72

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