GPPS LNG Workshop 2023

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LNG Workshop Chairman

Matt Taher
(Bechtel Energy)
Principal Engineer, LNG Technology


Prof. Reza Abhari (ETH Zurich)
Professor ETH Zurich

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LNG Investment & Technical Workshop

Who is this Workshop for?

Module one on day one of the Workshop is designed for people working within or interested in investment potential of LNG. It is designed to give infrastructure funds, banks, investment houses the information required when investing in this field. This module also provides a useful insight for engineers to understand the financial implications of technical decisions.

Module two, on the second day is designed for engineers and students to gain a greater understanding of the technical aspects of the LNG Lifecycle: liquefaction plants, shipping, gasification plants.

For a detailed overview of the two day program please see our confirmed program.

Technical & Commercial Investment in the LNG Sector

On day one both Matt Taher and Prof. Abhari provide an insight into the technical and commercial investment considerations for the LNG sector. It covers topics such as liquefaction, shipping, and gasification; environmental issues, GHG emissions and government tax; main equipment manufacturers and supply chains; lifecycle costs (CAPEX / OPEX), reliability and availability, insurance; safety and risk analysis (HAZAN, HAZID and HAZOP); and human factors engineering. The workshop is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the investment considerations for developing an LNG project.

Technical Aspects of LNG

The second day of the workshop will continue with Matt Taher focussing on the technical aspects of the LNG Lifecycle. We start by discussing liquefaction plants, thermodynamics of the LNG Liquefaction Process, Turbomachinery within the LNG liquefaction plants, arrangement of refrigeration compressors in the liquefaction unit, performance evaluation, codes and standards. Also, we cover LNG shipping, including GHG emissions and Boil-off gas management. Finally, we will discuss gasification plants and the Thermodynamics of LNG Gasification Process, Plant Layout with consideration to energy recovery and expander-generators and their related codes and standards.

Each of these topics will be covered in detail, and there will be ample opportunity for questions and discussion. By the end of the day, you should have a good understanding of the technical aspects of LNG production lifecycle

For a detailed overview of the days discussion topics place see our event program.

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Our location

With team members spread across the globe, the core team is based in Zurich Switzerland.


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