GPPS Journal Volumes

The Journal is devoted to the advancement of the science and technology of power generation and propulsion systems through the dissemination of original archival papers contributing to advancements in turbomachinery based technologies.

  1. Editorial: Data-driven modelling and high-fidelity simulations

    Vittorio Michelassi, Li He (2021)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/135933, PP. 1-2

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  2. Challenges and opportunities for artificial intelligence and high-fidelity simulations in turbomachinery applications: A perspective

    Vittorio Michelassi, Julia Ling (2021)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/135173, PP. 1-14

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  3. Estimating RANS model uncertainty using machine learning

    Jan Heyse, Aashwin Mishra, Gianluca Iaccarino (2021)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/134643, PP. 1-14

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  4. RANS predictions of trailing-edge slot flows using heat-flux closures developed with {CFD}-driven machine learning

    Chitrarth Lav, Ali Haghiri, Richard Sandberg (2021)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/133114, PP. 1-13

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  5. Making use of our data

    Graham Pullan (2021)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/134645, PP. 1-13

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  6. Towards digital design of gas turbines

    Francesco Montomoli, Stelios Antorkas, Marco Pietropaoli, Audrey Gaymann, James Hammond, Yuri Frey Marioni, Niklas Isaksson, Michela Massini, Raul Vazquez-Diaz, Paolo Adami (2021)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/135581, PP. 1-12

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  7. A physics-informed machine learning framework for predictive maintenance applied to turbomachinery assets

    Marzia Sepe, Antonino Graziano, Maciej Badora, Alessandro Di Stazio, Luca Bellani, Michele Compare, Enrico Zio (2021)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/134845, PP. 1-15

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  8. Calibration of Spalart-Allmaras model for simulation of corner flow separation in linear compressor cascade

    Kotaro Matsui, Ethan Perez, Ryan Kelly, Naoki Tani, Aleksandar Jemcov (2021)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/135174, PP. 1-16

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  9. Automated detection of hot-gas path defects by support vector machine based analysis of exhaust density fields

    Marcel Oettinger, Lars Wein, Dajan Mimic, Philipp Gilge, Ulrich Hartmann, Joerg Reinhart Seume (2021)

    DOI:, PP. 1–16

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  10. Characterization of manufacturing uncertainties with applications to uncertainty quantification and robust design optimization

    Dirk Wunsch, Charles Hirsch (2021)

    DOI:, PP. 1–16

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  11. Towards the Large-Eddy Simulation of a full engine: Integration of a 360 azimuthal degrees fan, compressor and combustion chamber. Part I: Methodology and initialisation

    Carlos Pérez Arroyo, Jérôme Dombard, Florent Duchaine, Laurent Gicquel, Benjamin Martin, Nicolas Odier, Gabriel Staffelbach (2021)

    DOI:, PP. 1-16

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  12. Towards the Large-Eddy Simulation of a full engine: Integration of a 360 azimuthal degrees fan, compressor and combustion chamber. Part II: Comparison against stand-alone simulations

    Carlos Pérez Arroyo, Jérôme Dombard, Florent Duchaine, Laurent Gicquel, Benjamin Martin, Nicolas Odier, Gabriel Staffelbach (2021)

    DOI:, PP. 1-16

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  1. Loss Assessment of the Axial-Gap Size Effect in a Low-Pressure Turbine

    Marcel Oettinger, Dajan Mimic, Michael Henke, Oleg Schmunk, Jorg Seume (2021)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/127834, PP. 1-14

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  2. The required aerodynamic simulation fidelity to usefully support a gas turbine Digital Twin for manufacturing

    Wen Yao Lee, William Dawes, John Coull (2021)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/132007, PP. 15-27

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  3. Investigation of the tip injection for stall control in a transonic compressor with inlet distortion

    Wenqiang Zhang, Mehdi Vahdati (2021)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/132006, PP. 28-38

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  4. Aerodynamic investigation of a linear cascade with tip gap using large-eddy simulation

    Koch Régis, Sanjosé Marlène, Moreau Stéphane (2021)

    DOI:, PP. 39–49

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  5. Improvement of corner separation prediction using an explicit non-linear RANS closure

    Wei Sun, Liping Xu (2021)

    DOI:, PP. 50–65

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  6. Sensitivity analysis on the impact of geometrical and operational variations on turbine hub cavity modes and practical methods to control them

    Vahid Iranidokht, Anestis Kalfas, Reza Abhari, Shigeki Senoo, Kazuhiro Momma (2021)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/133736, PP. 66–78

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  7. Stall margin improvement in a low-speed axial compressor rotor using a blockage-optimised single circumferential casing groove

    Ahmad Fikri Mustaffa, Vasudevan Kanjirakkad (2021)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/133912, PP. 79–89

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  8. Numerical and experimental study of droplet-film-interaction for low pressure steam turbine erosion protection applications

    Dieter Bohn, Tatsuya Uno, Takeshi Yoshida, Christian Betcher, Jan Fronheiser, Kristof Weidtmann (2021)

    DOI:, PP. 90-103

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  9. Impact of volumetric system design on compressor inlet conditions in supercritical CO2 cycles

    Alexander Johannes Hacks, Sebastian Schuster, Dieter Brillert (2021)

    DOI:, PP. 104–110

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  10. Flow instability effects related to purge through a gas turbine chute seal

    Arijit Sinha Roy, Jens Fridh, James A. Scobie, Carl M. Sangan, Gary D. Lock (2021)

    DOI:, PP. 111–125

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  11. Taylor-Couette-Poiseuille flow heat transfer in a high Taylor number test rig

    Phillip B. Swann, Hugh Russell, Ingo H. Jahn (2021)

    DOI:, PP. 126–147

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  12. Experimental and computational investigation of flow structure of buoyancy induced flow in heated rotating cavities

    Seyed Mostafa Fazeli, Vasudevan Kanjirakkad, Christopher Long (2021)

    DOI:, PP. 148–163

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  13. Enabling the potential of hybrid electric propulsion through lean-burn-combustion turbofans

    Stavros Vouros, Mavroudis Kavvalos, Smruti Sahoo, Konstantinos Kyprianidis (2021)

    DOI:, PP. 164–176

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  14. Unsteady flow phenomena in turbine shroud cavities

    Tim Kluge, Iris S. Lettmann, Marcel Oettinger, Lars Wein, Joerg R. Seume (2021)

    DOI:, PP. 177–190

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  15. Numerical validation of an analytical seal flutter model

    Michele Greco, Roque Corral (2021)

    DOI:, PP. 191–201

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  16. Unsteady phenomena at the combustor-turbine interface

    Faisal Shaikh, Budimir Rosic (2021)

    DOI:, PP. 202–215

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  17. Direct Numerical Simulation of Real-gas Effects within Turbulent Boundary Layers for Fully-developed Channel Flows

    Tao Chen, Bijie Yang, Miles C. Robertson, Ricardo F. Martinez-Botas (2021)

    DOI:, PP. 216–232

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  1. Methodology for High-Accuracy Infrared Calibration in Environments with Through-Wall Heat Flux

    Mathias Michaud, Francesco Ornano, Nafiz Chowdhury, Thomas Povey (2020)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/118091, PP. 1-13

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  2. An Analytical Approach to Estimate the Effect of Surface Roughness on Particle Rebound

    Johannes Altmeppen, Heike Sommerfeld, Christian Koch, Stephan Staudacher (2020)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/118624, PP. 27-37

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  3. Hybrid electric powertrain for long-haul trucks and buses: preliminary analysis of a new concept based on a combined cycle power plant

    Sebastian Bahamonde Noriega, Carlo De Servi, Piero Colonna (2020)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/118979, PP. 63-79

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  4. Imaging diagnostics of combustion instability in premixed swirling combustion

    Yao Yang, Gaofeng Wang, Yuanqi Fang, YIfan Xia, Liang Zhong (2020)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/120536, PP. 80-93

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  5. Calibrated Low-Order Transient Thermal and Flow Models for Robust Test Facility Design

    Andrew Messenger, Thomas Povey (2020)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/122270, PP. 94-113

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  6. An overview of time-domain computational methods for aeroelastic instabilities of multi-stage compressors

    Mehdi Vahdati, Fanzhou Zhao, Prathiban Sureshkumar (2020)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/123916, PP. 114-127

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  7. Experimental evaluation of performance and mechanical reliability for high pressure CO2 integrally geared compressor

    Toshiaki Baba, Koumei Fujioka, Hirotoshi Arihara, Yoshitaka Baba, Takuya Iwata (2020)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/124724, PP. 128-144

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  8. A Novel MEMS-Based Probe for Unsteady Aerodynamic Measurements: A Proof-of-Concept Study

    William Morris, John Coull, Tony Dickens, Andrea de Luca, Florin Udrea (2020)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/124489, PP. 145-160

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  9. Canonical Validation of a Modeling Strategy for Carbon Monoxide Emissions in Staged Operation of Gas Turbine Combustors

    Noah Klarmann, Thomas Sattelmayer (2020)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/127716, PP. 161-175

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  10. Turbine Map Extension - Theoretical Considerations and Practical Advice

    Kurzke Joachim (2020)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/128465, PP. 176-189

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  11. Generation Mechanism of Diffuser Stall in a Centrifugal Compressor with Vaneless Diffuser

    Nobumichi Fujisawa, Kenta Tajima, Hiroshi Miida, Yutaka Ohta (2020)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/128974, PP. 190-201

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  12. Experimental Evaluation of Using Silica Aerogels as the Thermal Insulator for Combustor Liners

    Yeongmin Pyo, Taylor Robertson, Sean Yun, Zekai Hong (2020)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/129703, PP. 202-216

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  13. Impact of downstream potential perturbations on the nonlinear stability of a generic fan

    David Romera, Roque Corral (2020)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/130028, PP. 217-225

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  14. Low pressure ratio transonic fan stall with radial distortion

    Tim Williams, Cesare Hall, Mark Wilson (2020)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/130478, PP. 226-237

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  15. Influence of Different Gases on the Design Point of an Industrial Axial Compressor and Deduced Aerodynamical Rematching Methodology

    Henrik Hoffmann, Lukas Stuhldreier, Ruben van Rennings, Peter Jeschke (2020)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/130033, PP. 238-252

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  16. Assessment of the washing effectiveness of on-purpose designed eco-friendly cleaner against soot deposits

    Nicola Casari, Michele Pinelli, Alessio Suman, Alessandro Vulpio, Craig Appleby, Simon Kyte (2020)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/130789, PP. 253-263

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  17. Numerical Investigation of a High Momentum Jet Flame at Elevated Pressure: A Quantitative Validation with Detailed Experimental Data

    Michael Pries, Andreas Fiolitakis, Peter Gerlinger (2020)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/130031, PP. 264-273

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  18. Three-dimensional low-order surge model for high-speed axial compressors

    Mauro Righi, Vassilios Pachidis, László Könözsy, Fanzhou Zhao, Mehdi Vahdati (2020)

    DOI:, PP. 274–284

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  19. Influence of blade vibration on part-span rotating stall

    Fanzhou Zhao, John Dodds, Mehdi Vahdati (2020)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/130873, PP. 285-295

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  20. Influence of combined compressor and turbine deterioration on the overall performance of a jet engine using {RANS} simulation and Pseudo Bond Graph approach

    Jan Goeing, Hendrik Seehausen, Vladislav Pak, Sebastian Lueck, Joerg R. Seume, Jens Friedrichs (2020)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/131109, PP. 296-308

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  21. Large-Eddy Simulations of Rim Seal Flow in a One-Stage Axial Turbine

    Thomas Hösgen, Matthias Meinke, Wolfgang Schröder (2020)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/129704, PP. 309-321

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  22. Investigation of jet engine intake distortions caused by crosswind conditions

    Lennart Harjes, Christoph Bode, Jonas Grubert, Philip Frantzheld, Patrick Koch, Jens Friedrichs (2020)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/118875, PP. 48-62

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  23. Investigation of a novel pressure - actuated brush seal under hot steam conditions

    Philip Reggentin, Jens Friedrichs, Johan Flegler, Ivan McBean (2020)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/117858, PP. 14-26

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  24. Planar LIF/MIE ratio droplet sizing using structured laser sheet imaging at elevated ambient pressures

    Andrew Corber, Wajid Chishty, Patrizio Vena (2020)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/115249, PP. 38-47

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  1. The sensitivity of turbine cascade endwall loss to inlet boundary layer thickness

    John Coull, Christopher Clark, Raul Vazquez (2019)

    DOI: 10.22261/jgpps.oeymde, PP. 540–554

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  2. Purge flow effects on rotor hub endwall heat transfer with extended endwall contouring into the disk cavity

    Dominic Hänni, Rainer Schädler, Reza Abhari, Anestis Kalfas, Gregor Schmid, Ewald Lutum, Nicolas Lecoq (2019)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/109838, PP. 555-568

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  3. Parametric study on the aeroelastic stability of rotor seals

    Qingyuan Zhuang, Ronnie Bladh, Erik Munktell, Yong Lee (2019)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/110751, PP. 569-579

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  4. Experimental Study on the Influence of the Streamwise Position of Film Hole Extraction in Internal Ribbed Cooling Channels of Turbine Blades

    Marlene Böttger, Martin Lange, Ronald Mailach, Konrad Vogeler (2019)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/110621, PP. 580-591

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  5. Thermal Energy Storage For Gas Turbine Power Augmentation

    Vasilis Gkoutzamanis, Anastasia Chatziangelidou, Theofilos Efstathiadis, Anestis Kalfas, Alberto Traverso, Justin Chiu (2019)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/110254, PP. 592-608

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  6. Effects of Stator Platform Geometry Features on Blade Row Performance

    Derek Taylor, John Longley (2019)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/111508, PP. 609-629

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  7. Superior fuel and operational flexibility of sequential combustion in Ansaldo Energia gas turbines

    Andrea Ciani, Mirko Bothien, Birute Bunkute, John Wood, Gerhard Früchtel (2019)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/110717, PP. 630-638

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  8. Influence of Blade Aspect Ratio on Axial Compressor Efficiency

    Markus Peters, Tobias Schmidt, Peter Jeschke (2019)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/111735, PP. 639-652

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  9. Noise characteristics of a reduced blade count rotor with improved stage efficiency

    Rainer Schädler, Dominic Hänni, Anestis Kalfas, Reza Abhari, Gregor Schmid, Ewald Lutum, Carsten Schneider (2019)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/112303, PP. 653-667

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  10. Optimization of compressor stations

    Kurz Rainer (2019)

    DOI: 10.33737/jgpps/112399, PP. 668-674

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  11. Influence of HTC levels on temperature and stress levels in a leading edge impingement system

    Robert Pearce, Peter Ireland, Edwin Dane (2019)

    DOI: 10.22261/jgpps.wlal1f, PP. 529–539

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  1. Streamlined frameworks for advancing metal based additive manufacturing technologies

    Wentao Fu, Christoph Haberland, Eva Verena Klapdor, David Rule, Sebastian Piegert (2018)

    DOI: 10.22261/jgpps.qjls4l, PP. 317–328

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  2. The sensitivity of 3D separations in multi-stage compressors

    Kiran Auchoybur, Robert Miller (2018)

    DOI: 10.22261/jgpps.34c05t, PP. 329–343

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  3. Accelerated thermal profiling of gas turbine components using luminescent thermal history paints

    Silvia Araguás Rodríguez, Tomáš Jelínek, Jan Michálek, Álvaro Yáñez González, Fiona Schulte, Christopher Pilgrim, Jorg Feist, Stephen J. Skinner (2018)

    DOI:, PP. 344–361

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  4. A novel 4-sensor fast-response aerodynamic probe for non-isotropic turbulence measurement in turbomachinery flows

    Alexandros C. Chasoglou, Michel Mansour, Anestis I. Kalfas, Reza S. Abhari (2018)

    DOI: 10.22261/jgpps.uals07, PP. 362–375

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  5. Numerical modeling of co-emissions for gas turbine combustors operating at part-load conditions

    Noah Klarmann, Benjamin Timo Zoller, Thomas Sattelmayer (2018)

    DOI: 10.22261/jgpps.c3n5oa, PP. 376–387

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  6. Correlation between total pressure losses of highly loaded annular diffusers and integral stage design parameters

    Dajan Mimic, Christoph Jätz, Florian Herbst (2018)

    DOI: 10.22261/jgpps.i9ab30, PP. 388–401

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  7. Sweeping jet impingement heat transfer on a simulated turbine vane leading edge

    Mohammad A. Hossain, Lucas Agricola, Ali Ameri, James W. Gregory, Jeffrey P. Bons (2018)

    DOI: 10.22261/jgpps.5a7oaz, PP. 402–414

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  8. Experimental and numerical investigation of blade resonance in a centrifugal compressor for varying gas properties

    Degendorfer Carsten, Reza S. Abhari, Klemens Vogel, René Hunziker (2018)

    DOI:, PP. 415–428

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  9. Influence of blade geometry on secondary flow development in a transonic centrifugal compressor

    Moritz Mosdzien, Martin Enneking, Alexander Hehn, Daniel Grates, Peter Jeschke (2018)

    DOI: 10.22261/jgpps.i1rsj3, PP. 429–441

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  10. Numerical simulations of an intake-compressor system

    Thomas Kächele, Rudolf P. M. Rademakers, Tim Schneider, Reinhard Niehuis (2018)

    DOI: 10.22261/jgpps.vqb6ck, PP. 442–452

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  11. On the challenge of five-hole-probe measurements at high subsonic Mach numbers in the wake of transonic turbine cascades

    Marcel Boerner, Martin Bitter, Reinhard Niehuis (2018)

    DOI: 10.22261/jgpps.jprqqm, PP. 453–464

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  12. Deterioration effects of coupled blisk blades

    Andreas Kellersmann, Gerald Reitz, Jens Friedrichs (2018)

    DOI: 10.22261/jgpps.ckb8n6, PP. 465–476

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  13. Aeroelastic assessment of a highly loaded high pressure compressor exposed to pressure gain combustion disturbances

    Victor Bicalho Civinelli de Almeida, Dieter Peitsch (2018)

    DOI: 10.22261/jgpps.f72ouu, PP. 477–492

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  14. Evaluation of ultra-high bypass ratio engines for an over-wing aircraft configuration

    Daniel Giesecke, Marcel Lehmler, Jens Friedrichs, Jason Blinstrub, Lothar Bertsch, Wolfgang Heinze (2018)

    DOI: 10.22261/jgpps.8shp7k, PP. 493–515

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  15. Design optimization of a multi-stage axial compressor using throughflow and a database of optimal airfoils

    Markus Schnoes, Christian Vo{ss}, Eberhard Nicke (2018)

    DOI: 10.22261/jgpps.w5n91i, PP. 516–528

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  1. On the choice of contact parameters for the forced response calculation of a bladed disk with underplatform dampers

    Emanuele Grossi, Teresa Maria Berruti (2017)

    DOI:, PP. 1–15

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  2. Operational and financial performance of fossil fuel power plants within a high renewable energy mix

    Patrick Eser, Ndaona Chokani, Reza S. Abhari (2017)

    DOI:, PP. 16–27

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  3. Gas turbine advanced power systems to improve SOFC economic viability

    Valentina Zaccaria, David Tucker, Alberto Traverso (2017)

    DOI:, PP. 28–40

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  4. Tip gap size effects on thermal performance of cavity-winglet tips in transonic turbine cascade with endwall motion

    Fangpan Zhong, Chao Zhou (2017)

    DOI:, PP. 41–54

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  5. Improvement of the turn-down ratio of gas turbines by autothermal on board syngas generation

    Max Herbert Baumgärtner, Thomas Sattelmayer (2017)

    DOI:, PP. 55–70

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  6. Estimation accuracy vs. engineering significance of contact parameters for solid dampers

    Chiara Gastaldi, Muzio M Gola (2017)

    DOI:, PP. 71–83

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  7. Prediction of the windage heating effect in steam turbine labyrinth seals

    Simon Hecker, Andreas Penkner, Jens Pfeiffer, Stefan Glos, Christian Musch (2017)

    DOI:, PP. 84–94

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  8. Unsteady flow mechanisms in the last stage of a transonic low pressure steam turbine - multistage effects and tip leakage flows

    Ilias Papagiannis, Asad Raheem, Altug Basol, Anestis Kalfas, Reza Abhari, Hisataka Fukushima, Shigeki Senoo (2017)

    DOI:, PP. 95–112

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  9. Novel high-pressure turbine purge control features for increased stage efficiency

    Rainer Schädler, Anestis I. Kalfas, Reza S. Abhari, Gregor Schmid, Tilman auf dem Kampe, Sanjay B. Prabhu (2017)

    DOI:, PP. 113–128

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  10. Application of a three-step approach for prediction of combustion instabilities in industrial gas turbine burners

    Dmytro Iurashev, Giovanni Campa, Vyacheslav Anisimov, Ezio Cosatto, Luca Rofi, Edoardo Bertolotto (2017)

    DOI:, PP. 129–141

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  11. Assessment of turbulence model predictions for a centrifugal compressor simulation

    Lee Gibson, Lee Galloway, Sung in Kim, Stephen Spence (2017)

    DOI:, PP. 142–156

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  12. Assessment of turbulence model predictions for a centrifugal compressor simulation

    Junho Kim, Seung Jin Song (2017)

    DOI:, PP. 142–156

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  13. Measurement of thermal parameter and Reynolds number effects on cavitation instability onset in a turbopump inducer

    Junho Kim, Seung Jin Song (2017)

    DOI:, PP. 157–170

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  14. Numerical method for an assessment of steady and motion-excited flowfields in a transonic cascade wind tunnel

    Atsushi Tateishi, Toshinori Watanabe, Takehiro Himeno, Seiji Uzawa (2017)

    DOI:, PP. 171–183

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  15. Staged combustion concept for gas turbines

    Dieter Winkler, Weiqun Geng, Geoffrey Engelbrecht, Peter Stuber, Klaus Knapp, Timothy Griffin (2017)

    DOI:, PP. 184–194

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  16. Benchmarking data from the experience gained in engine performance and emissions testing on alternative fuels for aviation

    Tak Chan, Wajid A. Chishty, Pervez Canteenwalla, Craig R. Davison, Jennifer Chalmers (2017)

    DOI:, PP. 195–210

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  17. Effect of purge air on rotor endwall heat transfer of an axial turbine

    Sebastiano Lazzi Gazzini, Rainer Schädler, Anestis I. Kalfas, Reza S. Abhari, Sebastian Hohenstein, Gregor Schmid, Ewald Lutum (2017)

    DOI:, PP. 211–223

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  18. The effect of volute surface roughness on the performance of automotive turbocharger turbines

    Andreas Lintz (2017)

    DOI:, PP. 224–236

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  19. Fully turbulent discrete adjoint solver for non-ideal compressible flow applications

    Salvatore Vitale, Tim Adrian Albring, Matteo Pini, Nicolas Ralph Gauger, Piero Colonna (2017)

    DOI:, PP. 252–270

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  20. Unsteady behaviours of a volute in turbocharger turbine under pulsating conditions

    Mingyang Yang, Ricardo F Martinez-Botas, Srithar Rajoo, Seiichi Ibaraki, Takao Yokoyama, Kangyao Deng (2017)

    DOI:, PP. 237–251

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  21. Turbine blade tip aero-thermal management: Some recent advances and research outlook

    Qiang Zhang, L He (2017)

    DOI:, PP. 271–287

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  22. Pressure gain combustion advantage in land-based electric power generation

    Seyfettin Gulen (2017)

    DOI:, PP. 288–302

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  23. PIV measurements of the transient flow structure in the tip region of a transonic compressor near stability limit

    Christoph Brandstetter, Heinz-Peter Schiffer (2017)

    DOI:, PP. 303–316

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