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Turbomachinery for hard-to-abate high emission industries


Hard-to-abate high emission industries include petrochemical, steel and cement productions which are essential to the development but of high energy demand and high emission by the natures of their process which remains to be the hardest to decarbonise. A new application of a special type of turbomachinery, based on the machine’s high energy transfer rate density, by directly transferring mechanical energy to thermal energy and avoiding achieving high temperature and high enthalpy flux output using direct combustion of fuels, provides a potential solution towards decarbonising these sectors, thus to help to achieve the global emission goals for carbon neutral/ zero carbon.

A unique feature of the new class of turbomachine is its unusually high power density, attained through ultra high load coefficient which is an order of magnitude higher than those typically used in an axial compressor and more than doubled to those used in an axial turbine. This talk will lead the audience through the pertinent features of such type of machines, focusing on how the design specifications lead to the particular aero-thermal design parameter space definition which allows such an unusually high loading level to be achievable. The particular challenges on the design technology development for such machines to cover wide cross-industry applications will also be discussed.

Dr. Liping Xu

Liping Xu recently retired from University of Cambridge as a university associate professor in turbomachinery. He has a Bachelor degree from BUAA and a PhD from Cambridge in early and middle of 1980’s and since has worked in the field of turbomachinery. His interests cover wide range of turbomachinery aero-thermal dynamic problems in aero-engines, gas turbines, steam turbines and turbochargers. In last fifteen years, he has been working with Coolbrook Oy to assist the company to develop their ground-breaking products RDR and RDH, the new turbo-machines which are in the centre of this talk.

Dr. Liping Xu University of Cambridge

Dr. Liping Xu
Recently retired Associate Professor in Turbomachinery
University of Cambridge, UK

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