Hong Kong23: Henry Lau

GPPS Hong Kong23: Plenary Keynote Speaker

Keynote Title:
Robotics Challenges for Fusion Energy


Robotics is one of the key technologies to realising the goal of commercially viable fusion energy. Operations such as safe handling of hazardous materials, maintaining the operation of the power plant, and repurposing of waste require substantial effort in research and development in robotics to achieve this goal safely and reliably. Robotics and remote operated tools are a fundamental part of operating fusion power plants. The presentation looks at some of these top challenges including rapid response, inspection and in-situ repair, and handling of challenging components, shedding light to possible deployable solutions derived from ongoing research effort.

Dr. Henry Lau

Henry is the Head of Cybernetics at Remote Applications in Challenging Environment (RACE) Division at the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA). He was the Associate Dean (Innovation) in Engineering at HKU and the Director of the Human-Systems Interaction and Simulation Laboratory. Henry’s research focus on robotics and artificial intelligence, in particular, artificial immune systems (AIS) which is a computation and engineering analogy of the biological immune systems

Henry Lau Head of Cybernetics at RACE, UK Atomic Energy Authority

Dr. Henry Lau
Head of Cybernetics at RACE,
UK Atomic Energy Authority

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