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Quantum Computing

In a world where energy is expensive to generate, distribute and consume, how can quantum computing help Industry use less of it? In this talk, Christopher Savoie, PhD, CEO & Co-founder of Zapata Computing will discuss how near-term quantum computing techniques can optimize industrial energy usage. While quantum devices are not ready for everyday commercial use, it is feasible to get more performance out of today’s CPUs, GPUs, and TPUs using quantum algorithms and techniques, so we don’t need to wait for the mature quantum devices of the future. Dr. Savoie will share recent outcomes that use proprietary quantum-inspired techniques on classical computers, as well as critical industrial use cases where these techniques can apply today.

Dr. Christopher Savoie

Christopher Savoie is a published scholar in medicine, biochemistry, and computer science, and his research and business interests over the years have focused on the intersection of machine learning, biology, and chemistry. Savoie is the original inventor of AAOSA, the A.I.-based natural language interface technology used to develop Apple’s Siri. Dr. Savoie’s medical research focused the biophysics and structural biology of MHC Class I peptide binding and he was a pioneer in the field of immunoinformatics and computational vaccine design. Dr. Savoie previously founded GNI, a publicly traded pharmaceutical company that commercialized his innovations in the application of Bayesian machine learning to systems pharmacology and drug design. More recently, Dr. Savoie has led big data analytics efforts at Nissan-Renault . Dr. Savoie is also a licensed attorney and has served as the Vice-Chairman of the Big Data Committee of the American Bar Association. He is a published legal expert on liability issues surrounding Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Information Security and Data Privacy and has lectured and taught continuing legal education courses on these subjects.

Dr. Christopher Savoie, Zapata

Dr. Christopher Savoie


Topic:Quantum Computing

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