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Promoting Knowledge Accessibility: The GPPS Event Proceedings Open Access Initiative

The GPPS Event Proceedings are accessible to all, reflecting our steadfast commitment to ensuring the dissemination of valuable research to a wider audience. This endeavor actively contributes to enriching and broadening the global knowledge repository.

Embracing an open access approach, we aspire to cultivate collaboration, innovation, and progress across diverse communities, transcending geographical and institutional confines.

Open Access Proceedings
Furthermore, we prioritize authors’ autonomy and recognition by affirming their control over their work. Authors retain full copyright of their papers, even post-conference, ensuring they receive the acknowledgment they deserve.

Our rigorous peer-review process further enhances the quality and credibility of the research. Through meticulous evaluation, we uphold the highest standards in the field, elevating the stature of your work within the scholarly community.

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With team members spread across the globe, the core team is based in Zurich Switzerland.


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