GPPS Forum22: Day Two

Energy Systems Day

June 23rd, 2022, Zurich Switzerland

The GPPS Forum is a place to exchange viewpoints, discuss new trends, network with experts, explore new opportunities as well as market threats. In January 2022, we will have one day dedicated specifically for the Energy Systems that run the world. The Energy Systems day will be split into three sequential sections, each with a different focus.

The first section will explore the Energy Supply and Demand, given the variability and flexibility of Future Systems. We will discuss the integration of renewable energy systems, energy storage systems, energy transport, the future of conventional fossil power plants, as well as the needed robustness of the grid and the future of decentralized and centralized power plants.

In the second section, we will focus on the Environmental Impact of the Future Power Infrastructure. We will talk about the need and use of conventional fuel and conventional power plants in a decarbonized world, the production and consumption of Hydrogen and other non-carbon-based fuels, carbon-constrained power generation, advanced cycles and the interface with the aviation industry, together with the impact of possible legislative actions.  

The third section will then address the necessary Transformation of Energy Companies. This topic includes financial and technical aspects from an investor and developer standpoint, investments and initiatives by major oil companies in renewables, Hydrogen production, transportation, and consumption, as well as the transformation timelines to a new and profitable business model

Each section will be moderated by two Industry Experts; it will include a Key Note Speaker as well as a panel of experts with the opportunity to engage after each session directly.

Our location

With team members spread across the globe, the core team is based in Zurich Switzerland.


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