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Forum21 Aviation Day

Aviation Day at 2021 GPPS Forum

January 12, 2021, Zurich Switzerland

The GPPS 2021 Forum in Zurich will dedicate a day for a discussion of the major challenges facing the airline industry. This forum will be focused on two significant subjects; the impact of commercial aviation on the environment and how coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted the aviation industry.

The first session will address the impact of commercial aviation on the environment. Aircraft emissions account today for about 3% of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. While the rest of the world is busily reducing emissions by going to electric cars, eliminating power plants, going to electric rail transportation, action must be taken to reduce pollution resulting from aircraft. The Airline Industry is feeling the pressure and has taken the challenge to become “Carbon Neutral by 2050.”  It is a significant task as it will affect the engine and airplane manufacturers as well as the operators. During the Forum21, we will discuss the current initiatives in Europe and the United States to introduce electrical propulsion, improved airframe engine integration, biofuels, and how airline operational changes come into play. Also, essential research needed will be discussed.

The second section will address the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on the industry. The impact has been significant as flights have been reduced by 75%.  The forum will address what measures need to be taken for a meaningful recovery.  Some will be short term dealing with the current fleets to make them more profitable. Longer-term, a discussion is needed to address whether changes in equipment are warranted.

For example, will wide-body airplanes with 250 + passengers still be the preferred equipment? Do we have to modify the route structures thirty or forty years from now? Do we still want to have regional, narrow-body, and wide-body airplanes? It is planned to have airline operators and regulators into these critical discussions.

Keynotes and panel speakers from industry, academia, and government are being invited to discuss these two important subjects. At the conclusion of the day, there will be a summary session with time for questions.

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