GPPS Data Sets Release Schedule

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GPPS Data Sets Release Schedule

In the public domain, there are very few turbomachinery geometries and accompanying validation data. Following its mission to increase research collaboration worldwide, GPPS makes experimental data readily available to all researchers. GPPS technical conferences feature special sessions dedicated to presenting the geometries and data sets, their release plan to researchers, and enabling discussion and access to any upcoming test cases.

GPPS makes experimental data readily available to all researchers

Registered attendees of the GPPS Chania20 virtual technical conference were first to receive the geometries and data sets from ETH Zurich, Seoul National University, and TU Darmstadt. In the meantime, Beihang University confirmed two additional data sets that will be made available after the GPPS Xi’an21 technical conference. The registered attendees of our upcoming technical meeting, GPPS Xi’an21, in China on October 18-20, 2021, will receive all data sets if requested after the event. The data will become public domain as described in the release schedule.


The data is intended to be used by the registered attendees (individual, not company use) and must not be further distributed to a third party without the data providers’ written permission. The data will remain the property of the data providers. Until the data is released publicly, the data, including any analysis of the data, can only be included in a publication where the named registrant, who received the data, is an author.

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