Forum23 Testimonials

Forum23 Testimonials

These testimonials are as much a credit to the people who attended the Forum as the organization itself. Without the commitment and enthusiasm of the speakers and community these events would not have been able to move forward.

Piero Colonna, Full Professor, TU Delft, The Netherlands

“I participated in this edition of the GPPS Forum, an event I never missed since it started because it provides much value to professionals like me, be they academics, senior researchers in institutes, managers in energy or aviation companies, and members of the financial world, and policymakerss. The rich value comes right from the interactions of these worlds. This year for the first time also the participation of junior high-potential colleagues was stimulated, and I definitely advise my senior colleagues to bring their younger co-workers to experience this lively meeting and widen their horizons. Context is so important in our professions!”

Nico Buchholz, CCO, Deutsche Aircraft, Germany
“The GPPS Forum allowed a true exchange of experts on the topics which occupy us related to energy provision, consumption, and environmental impact. In my case, the key value was to discuss the realities and clarify some disconnects of perceptions on how to achieve the” green goal” of 2050. True unbiased exchange!”

Volkmar Pflug, Vice President and Field of Action Lead for Power-to-X at Siemens Energy, Germany
“GPPS Forum in Zurich had been a great assembly of a diverse field of experts, shedding light on a topic like Sustainable Aviation Fuels from different perspectives, such as technology, operations, and finance.”

Denis Peytregnet, Network specialist, Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Switzerland
“It was a great opportunity to present to the GPPS Forum the actions undertaken and planned by the Swiss government to prevent a possible electricity shortage. An international audience, competent speakers, interesting discussions and a perfect organization. This is all you need for a successful event.”

Stefano Barberis, Professor, University of Genova, Italy
“Thanks to a good mix of R&D-industrial speakers/attendees, the GPPS Forum can give you a glance at the overall vision of where turbomachinery is going at the global level for both power and aviation. I personally enjoyed a vibrant, innovation-, and sustainability-oriented community.”

Frank Strobelt, Principal Expert for Thermodynamics, Siemens Energy, Germany
“That was my first time attending the GPPS Forum, although I had heard a lot about it before and although I supported others already with papers for the forum. The keynote speeches were very informative, perfectly up to date, and touched exactly the most relevant technological, political, and societal questions of our time. On top the panel discussion was a very good forum to discuss openly with experts from academia, industry, and the financing sector. Besides that, it was a great chance for me to do valuable networking with interesting people.”

Raymond C. Decorvet, Senior Account Executive, MAN Energy Solutions, Switzerland
“I participated in the GPPS Forum for the first time this year. I was very impressed by the variety of topics and the high quality of the keynote speakers and panelists. I learned a lot and was able to exchange ideas with many top-class participants. The organization of the event was excellent. I look forward to being part of it next year again.”

Renaud Le Pierres, Business Development Engineer, Heatric, UK
“A great event, and for me the best GPPS Forum to date, thanks to a brilliant idea of mixing over the two days both aerospace and power topics instead of segmenting them into two separate days. This gave the opportunity to show how activities to decarbonise and increase energy safety are interconnected between the various markets and can be streamlined rather than in silos. In doing so we can then focus on a staged approach for investment and deployment of the best technologies in a more coordinated and efficient manner.”

Vladimir Navrotsky, AM Chief of Technology at Siemens Energy, Sweden
“I am grateful for being given the opportunity to promote Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology at GPPS Forun23, and in particular, AM contribution to the decarbonization of O&G and Power Generation industry.
To support and enable the decarbonization and NOx reduction of gas turbines at O&G and the Power Generation industry, Siemens Energy is working with the development and enhancement of the gas turbines and their components.
It was shown that advanced AM design of gas turbine components (e.g. burners, vanes, heat shields, blades) enables significant enhancement of gas turbine fuel flexibility, efficiency improvement, and emissions reduction.
In addition, AM technology speeds up the time to market for new products and quick upgrades of currently installed GT fleets.”

Maurice Dierick, Head of Market, Swissgrid, Switzerland
“The GPPS Forum23 was very useful to get insights on the energy transition on a global scale and to improve understanding of how the power generation side of the equation interacts with the need to maintain a stable and secure electricity transmission system. The event was very well organized and the networking opportunities were excellent.”

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