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Michael Hotho

Thursday, February 16, 2023
15:00 – 15:30    HG F 30 | Audi Max
Keynote 13: LNG Business Landscape

Michael Hotho graduated from the German Ruhr-University Bochum (RUB) and has a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He started his career at Mannesmann Demag as an application and sales engineer for turbo compressors and at Siemens in the engineering group for large gas turbines.

He joined Technip Energies as Rotating Equipment Lead Engineer in Germany and then got appointed as Section Head Rotating Equipment at Technip Energies North America in Houston. For more than 20 years in engineering service, Michael acquired vast experience on rotating equipment in oil & gas projects where he contributed successfully to many LNG projects. Michael also technically qualified different gas turbines as drivers for large compressors in LNG plants for Technip Energies. Currently he works on the execution of another LNG plant built in Mexico and supports the FEED (Front End Engineering Design) for two modularized LNG projects in the US.


Keynote Description

This keynote presents the transfer of LNG from the hydrocarbon energy source with the lowest CO2 emission to LNG as a commodity which will supply the world with secure energy for industry and private households.
During the last five years LNG received as an energy source different acknowledgment. With recently large gas field findings and more profitable technique of natural gas release from rock formations huge amount of natural gas became available. Liquefying natural gas reduces the volume of the gas by 1/600 and basically let LNG transport from one place to any other location on the world when the right infrastructure is available.

Around 2019/2020 LNG was trying to find his acceptance as the hydrocarbon natural resource which emits the least amount of CO2 when burning. Early 2022 with the start of the military conflict in the Ukraine suddenly LNG became the energy resource which should help to replace natural gas from Russia and secure energy supply for major parts of Europe.

This keynote presentation highlights the increase of LNG production and regasification capacity, increase in LNG carrier fleet and the world wide growth of LNG trade. It shows where the most LNG liquefaction projects are under execution and in approval phase.

Michael Hotho Supervising Engineer Mechanical | Technip Energies North America

Michael Hotho

Supervising Engineer Mechanical | Technip Energies North America


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