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Proceedings / Global Power & Propulsion Forum

Zurich Forum 2017
ISSN: 2504-4400
Advanced Cycles and Turbopumps




[155] A global approach to assessing the potential of combined cycles using supercritical technology → Gonzalo S. Martínez*
→ David Sánchez**
→ Francesco Crespi**
→ Giacomo Gavagnin**
*AICIA, Spain
**University of Seville, Spain

[166] Cycle and LCOE Optmization for an Integrally Geared sCO2 Compander for Concentrating Solar Power Applications → Jason Wilkes*
→ Jeffrey Bennett*
→ Joshua Schmitt*
→ Tim Allison*
→ Robert Pelton**
→ Karl Wygant**
*Southwest Research Institute, USA
**Hanwha Techwin, USA

[185] Measuremet Of Thermal Parameter And Reynolds Number Effects On Cavitation Instability Onset In A Turbopump Inducer → Junho Kim
→ Seung Jin Song
Seoul National University, Korea

Aircraft Propulsion
Axial Compressors
Oil & Gas
Axial Turbines
Control & Instrumentation
Electric Power and Wind Turbines
Heat Transfer
Heat Transfer and Unsteady Flow – Heat Transfer
Heat Transfer and Unsteady Flow – Unsteady Flow
Manufacturing and Materials
Radial Turbomachinery
Steam Turbines

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