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GPPS Beijing19

16th - 18th September 2019

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Proceedings of Global Power & Propulsion Society

Beijing19, China, 2019
ISSN: 2504-4400
Axial Compressors




[025] Control of the Axial Compressor Blade Airfoil Boundary Layer Flow Using Plasma Actuation

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→ Haideng Zhang
→ Yun Wu
→ Yinghong Li 
Key Laboratory on Plasma Dynamics, China

[035] Uncertainty Analysis of Aerodynamic Performance for Tip Clearance Size of Compressor

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→ Chi Ma
→ Limin Gao
→ Ruiyu Li
→ Wu Yu
→ Heng Jiang

Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

[097] Momentum Transportation Analysis in Axial-slot Casing Treatment for Axial Compressors

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→ Junda Feng
→ Mingmin Zhu
→ Jinfang Teng
→ Xiaoqing Qiang
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

[099] An Analytical Approach to Estimate the Effect of Surface Roughness on Particle Rebound

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→ Johannes Altmeppen
→ Heike Sommerfeld
→ Christian Koch
→ Stephan Staudacher
University of Stuttgart, Germany

[100] Effect of Casing Treatment on the Type of Instability Inception in a High-Speed Axial Compressor

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→ Wenqian Wu
→ Tianyu Pan
→ Qiushi Li
Beihang University, China

[118] The Influence of Backward Sweep on Aerodynamic Performance of a 1.5-Stage Highly Loaded Axial Compressor

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→ Song Huang
→ Chengyu Yang
→ Mingyang Wang
→ Shenfeng Zhao
→ Xingen Lu
Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

[157] Experimental Investigation of a Transonic Compressor with High Aspect Ratio Rotor Design

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→ Steffen Hormel 1
→ Daniel Franke 1
→ Jonas Foret 1
→ Heinz-Peter Schiffer 1
→ Tobias Froebel 2
1 TU Darmstadt, Institute of Gas Turbines and Aerospace Propulsion, Germany
2 MTU Aero Engines AG, Germany

[170] Application of Stall Warning Approach with Stall Precursor Suppressed Casing Treatment on a Two-Stage Compressor

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→ Ruize Xu
→ Xu Dong
→ Jia Li
→ Dakun Sun
→ Xiaofeng Sun
Beihang University, China

[179] Study of Sloped Trench Casing Treatment on Performance and Stability of Axial Compressors

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→ Jiexuan Hou
→ Yangwei Liu
Beihang University, China

[186] Effects of Increasing Bypass Ratio of UHBR Fans on Near Hub Flow

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→ Torben Eggers
→ Jens Friedrichs
Institute of Jet Propulsion and Turbomachinery, TU Braunschweig, Germany

[208] Compressor Stabilization with Casing Treatment Based on System Impedance Boundary Condition

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→ Xu Dong
→ Jia Li
→ Dakun Sun
→ Xiaofeng Sun
Beihang University, China

[233] Flow Control of Radial Migration along the Rotor Suction Surface

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→ Yu Chen Dai
→ Donghai Jin
→ Xinmin Gui
Beihang University, China

[235] Control 0f Secondary Crossflow in a High-Speed Compressor Cascade by Endwall Fences with Varying Locations

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→ Yunzhi Chen 1
→ Ling Yang 2
→ Jingjun Zhong 2
1 School of Marine Engineering, Dalian Maritime University, China
2 Merchant Marine College, Shanghai Maritime University, China

[225] Recent Insights into the Flow Topology Around Highly Loaded Tandem Vanes

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→ Alexander Heinrich
→ Dieter Peitsch
TU Berlin, Germany

[002] Numerical Investigation on the Performance of Transonic Axial Compressor with Naturally Aspirated Slots on Blade

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→ Dhanuporn Aksorn-In
→ Chen Yali
→ Zhao Yang
→ Sun Zhongguo
Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

[014] A Review of Computational Methods for Aeroelastic Instabilities of Multi-Stage Compressor

View full paper as pdf
→ Mehdi Vahdati
→ Fanzhou Zhao
→ Prathiban Sureshkumar

Imperial College, UK

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