Chania24 Mission Statement

Chania24 Mission Statement

Chania24 Mission Statement

By Prof. Alessandro Corsini, Chania24 Conference Chairman, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Is sustainability engineering agnostic? Not at all.

Whichever avenues are chosen to transition the world to a decarbonized era, this will only happen through a collective and distributed intelligence effort. For this reason, GPPS, serving as a global platform for researchers, engineers, and industrial and academic leaders, is the ideal forum for shaping the methodologies and technologies in response to such a universal call for “modern energy … as an essential pre-requisite for human developments and for decoupling development from nature … (Ecomodernism Manifesto, 2015)”.

Borrowing from ancient Greek philosophy, we can think of GPPS Chania 2024 importantly advocating two distinct definitions of time.

According to chronos, the GPPS Chania 2024 Conference coincides with the moment of full deployment towards the energy transition under Next Gen EU funding framework, immediately after the first COP28 to recognize the paramount relevance of a decarbonized world.

According to the spirit of time, kairos or the right time to act, the main goal of the Conference and the pace given to it by the collection of keynote and technical speeches appeared to move along different research trajectories to enable paradigm shifts in energy industries, to find and explore ways to innovate, integrate and carbon mitigate turbomachinery pertinent technologies and applications.

Along with the Cretan myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, the search for greener technologies entails (following Ariadne suggestion) intertwining a thread made of scientific competences and industrial practices, theory and implementation, trials and errors. A thread to be unraveled in the labyrinth of industrial sustainability dilemma. A thread of know-hows as a compass to decouple development from nature. This evocative and ancient mythological wisdom, makes Chania, the Island of Crete (and Greece at large) the place for the GPPS community to convene with the aim of speculating about our potential contribution to such a generational challenge.

Chania24 Keywords
Visualization of GPPS 2024 abstract keywords made with VOSviewer

The keynote speeches reflect such an attempt of exploring the avenues along which power and aviation industries are envisaging their decarbonization, how hybrid power concepts will be enriching technology portfolios, how advanced manufacturing paradigm is opening a new era of industrial circularity enabling design for maintainability and life-time extension, or, finally, how off-shore energy harvesting in deep ocean is in need of a novel scientific and industrial value-chain.

The numerous technical presentations, back-boning GPPS Chania 2024, will be, then, animating the three-day conference programme. Looking at it from a data exploration perspective (with use of a keyword-based graph ranging more than 200 abstracts), the picture Chania 2024 is offering is that of a vivid scientific community with quite a unique mix of classical turbomachinery topic revisited in brand new perimeters.

Our location

With team members spread across the globe, the core team is based in Zurich Switzerland.


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