Chania22: Nicolas Demougeot

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Nicolas Demougeot

Nicolas is heading the Engineering department at Thomassen Energy and held positions in both the service and the development sides of the industry over his 20-year career.
Nicolas’ design experience includes world class ultra-low pollutant combustors such as LECIII™ and FlameSheet™. He also led a talented team that designed the highly successful AutoTune control program, a generic, multiplatform optimizer.

He took interest in Hydrogen over 25 years ago and has both personal and professional goals of helping with kick starting the Hydrogen economy.

Nicolas owns an Engineer degree from the National Superior School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in Poitiers, France and an Executive Master with L’Ecole Polytechnique in Palaiseau, France.

Nicolas owns several patents related to combustion and control design.


Nicolas Demougeot

Head of Product & Systems Engineering
Thomassen Energy, A Hanwha Company

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