Chania22: Jochen Gier

GPPS Chania22: Conference Chair

Dr. Jochen Gier

Jochen Gier is currently manager of Cooling, Heat Transfer, and Combustion at MTU Aero Engines AG, responsible for cooled airfoil design, heat transfer analysis, and research and combustion technology, including CFD analysis in the heat trans-fer area.

Jochen received a diploma and PhD degree from Aachen University of Technology in Germany and a bachelor of engineering from Dartmouth College in the US. After joining MTU in 1998, he held various positions in aerodynamics, technology man-agement, technical audit, and heat transfer.

Jochen has authored a number of papers in the aerodynamics and heat transfer field, served as Session Chair in many conferences, and as Review Chair in the GPPS Technical Conference in 2018. He is an associate editor for the GPPS Jour-nal. He has also authored an article on aircraft engines in the Dubbel Mechanical Engineering book.

Dr Jochen Gier

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