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Welcome To The Global Power & Propulsion Society

The Global Power and Propulsion Society (GPPS) is a volunteer-led global community of professionals (regardless of affiliations, nationalities, or stages of career development) who are interested in energy, particularly power generation and aeronautical propulsion. The society aims to provide a neutral forum for professionals to meet, exchange, and publish their most recent results and ideas on all aspects of power and propulsion. Given the recent seismic shifts associated with globalization and energy transition, we feel it is more important than ever for the power and propulsion professionals to meet and interact freely.

As the world increasingly moves toward carbon neutrality, renewable power, and electrification of propulsion, rotating machines have a critical role to play in such environments. These machines include but are not limited to gas turbines, steam turbines, and wind turbines for energy production; and rotating machines for the oil and gas communities as well as for novel cycle applications.

So, if you are interested in power and propulsion, we encourage you to join us.

GPPS Executive Committee 2023
A New Way Forward
As a not-for-profit volunteer-led organization, GPPS fosters an equal balance between industry and academia/research institutions from Europe, Asia and Americas.

With its professional staff, GPPS aims to create an environment that supports the development of basic science and technology for application in industry and society as a whole, while leading the changes in the world around us.

The GPPS Mission

GPPS is an organization fulfilling its mission to create an environment that facilitates in-depth interaction among various stakeholders from business, science, technology, and policy sectors, focusing on transforming our societal infrastructure.

Exploring key global drivers, such as the transition to new energy in Europe, the future impact of China’s One Belt One Road initiative, the future business and environmental transition of the aviation industry, and the global role of LNG as a transition fuel, we are continuously assessing future opportunities and risks. Our events, being reactive to the world’s changes around us, facilitate the exchange of ideas by thought leaders while expanding participants’ networks.

By fostering a balance between various international stakeholders, GPPS supports different events, including executive forums, academic, technical congresses supported by our open-access journal, and other regional activities. Since GPPS’s foundation in 2016, our primary objective has been to develop high-level relationships between today’s global influencers and our industry’s up-and-coming talent. By hosting interactive events, we provide a valuable platform for academics, industry professionals, and executives to forge life-long relationships and collaborations.

Our location

With team members spread across the globe, the core team is based in Zurich Switzerland.


Landis + Gyr-Strasse 1, 6300 Zug