2024 Turbomachinery Awards

Events2024 Turbomachinery Awards

2024 Turbomachinery Awards

Nominate your candidate for an GPPS Early Career, Innovation or Lifetime Achievement award today.

Since 2017, we’ve seen many talented engineers and individuals recognised for their outstanding achievements within the turbomachinery community.

As an excellent measure of young professionals, and dynamic qualities of an individual, the Early Career award is a valuable credit for any up and coming engineer.
Our Innovation award provides a spotlight on individuals who have shown an outstanding ability to think outside the box, where new solutions are required.

The Lifetime Achievement award shows a culmination of innovation, ability and achievement. Although termed “lifetime,” it is often awarded to individuals who are still actively contributing to the sector, acknowledging their substantial influence and impact.

We hope you will take the time to give your recommendations for candidates, and would also like to invite you to Zurich in January for the Forum25 to celebrate the awardees and where you get an update on power and propulsion developments!

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